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What We Do For Fun

  1. Car Washes- This is a really great fundraiser/service project that we have. We don't charge anything, but we do have a donation container that people may contribute to.
  2. Collecting Cans- Around fall we join with the Young Men and go around neighborhoods to collect cans for the less fortunate.
  3. Cleaning the Church- You may not consider this fun, but it actually is. We fill up our buckets of soapy water, get our sponges, and scrub the gym floor and wash those windows clean.
  4. Volleyball- This is a big activity with our Youth. Whenever there is a combined activity in the gym, it's usually playing volleyball {well, kind of} with our Young Men.
  5. Plans- It is the Youth's responsibility to prepare some of our Branch's parties. For example, on our Halloween Party we run all of the games and decorate the gym.
  6. Visit- We sometimes make treats and bring them over to a Young Women's house who hasn't been able to attend or is inactive. A few of the Young Women go.
  7. Christmas Caring- Each year we are given a name at Christams of a child and their age. Then if each Young Women can afford it, we each buy a little gift and send it all in a package to the child.
  8. Harbor House- We help the Relief Society make quilts, knit hats and mittens, and donate clothes and toys to Harbor House, which is a center where women and their children go when they have no place to go or when they have problems.
  9. Summer Spirits- In the summers we pick blueberries and freeze them, and then around the Holidays we make jam out of them and give a bottle of jam to each Young Woman.
  10. Jumping Beans- The Young Women will go to our Young Women President's House {Sister Peterson} and make treats and then go jump on the Trampoline until the end of Mutual, and then bring treats over to the Young Men for refreshment.
  11. Dashing Through the Snow- For combined Mutuals we go sledding in the winter on the hills across from the church and then go in for singing and hot cider and cocoa.
  12. Basketball- On Mutual Nights we sometimes paly basketball with the Young Men: whether it be Three on Three, Lighting, or Around the World.
  13. Creative Crafts- For Mutuals we may sometimes learn how to do crafts: like making flower arrangements, decorating clay pots, or making pillows for the nursery. We use these crafts at Young Women in Excellence adn other displays.
  14. Jeopordy- The Youth play Scripture Jeopordy. We are given a quote, verse, or topic, and we have to tell the scripture referrence.
  15. Dances- These are for the Young Men and Women 14+. They are filled with a whole bunch of Youth just being silly together.
  16. Buddy Tag- This is a favorite of our Youth and Youth in the District. We play it in the gym, on Mutuals, or on Temple Trips. You lock arms with a partener, and everone stands in a circle {only two people locked together}. Then two people will start running in or outside of the circle, and they have to chase eachother around the circle at least once. The person being chased must lock onto someone's arm before caught, and then the person on the opposite side starts running. If you are tagged, you are it.